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30 August 2008 @ 10:13 pm
Part Three: Love? Love ... Love!  
Title: 악마와 길을 걷다 (Walking with the Devil) - Love? Love ... Love!
Author: envoler
Rating: R, borderline NC-17 :x
Word Count: 3,679
Notes: I'll be surprised if anyone still remembers this exists :x
Summary: Sungmin follows him in the dark. KyuMin backstory (:


Kyuhyun stands in front of the table waiting for the couple to finish their ongoing conversation before he takes their order. He watches as the girl looks at him appreciatively, to which he just rolls his eyes and jots down the order in his notepad and sticks his pen in between his ear. He walks away and their voices disappear just as the clattering sounds of pots and pans from the kitchens get louder and he pushes past the silver doors with the word Kitchen! and Staff Only written beneath it.

He sticks the order next to the other orders that are waiting patiently in different colours of paper, rings the bell for the next available cook and walks back out into the throng of starving customers. His manager saves him from greeting the new customers by giving him a fifteen minute break. Kyuhyun is relieved and walks over to the bar and asks for a glass of water.

He hums in satisfaction as the cool drink trickles down his parched throat. “Three hours until close,” the bartender, Jongmin, tells him and leans against the wood. Kyuhyun refrains from glaring at him because he’s two inches away from being in his bubble and could smell the alcohol coming off Jongmin in waves. Kyuhyun wrinkles his nose at the smell of lime and brandy and turns his face in a different direction.

Jongmin tries to catch his attention again but fails when a new customer approaches the bar. Kyuhyun’s relieved when the older man finally leaves but that feeling is gone in an instant as the man who sits next to him sends shivers running up and down his spine and all he’s left with is gooseflesh. The man next to him has dark brown hair, pale skin and is dressed to perfection. His white dress shirt has three buttons unbuttoned leaving a splash of white flesh exposed that’s decorated with a cross pendant.

When Jongmin returns with the stranger’s drink he nudges his head in Kyuhyun’s direction and says, “Give the same to the young gentleman sitting next to me,” and Kyuhyun’s eyes widen at being acknowledged.

Except Kyuhyun knows how to keep his composure and shakes his head, declining as politely as he can. “I can’t drink on the job,” he explains and makes a move to get up from his seat as his fifteen minutes are nearly over.

As Kyuhyun walks by the stranger he’s stopped as he grabs onto his wrist and is pulled closer so that the stranger can say: “Join me after your shift then,” and he lets Kyuhyun go. Kyuhyun rushes into the kitchens, careful not to trip over the other waiters but does so anyway and nearly falls flat on his face.

His manager notices and sends him home for the night, saying he must have been tired since he had been there since the restaurant opened. Kyuhyun doesn’t even have fight in him to disagree because he needs the hours, but he’s tired so he gets ready to go home. He makes sure to go out the backdoor since he doesn’t want to talk to Jongmin and the stranger at the bar is too much for him to handle. As Kyuhyun comes out of the alley he does a double take when he sees the stranger — who had been at the bar the last time he checked — leaning against the bricked wall of the restaurant. Kyuhyun grumbles under his breath because he has to walk past the stranger to his bus stop and when he does so he’s stopped as the man is suddenly blocking his way of passage.

“Sungmin,” he says and Kyuhyun looks at him in confusion.

“My name is Sungmin,” he repeats for clarification purposes and Kyuhyun assumes this is the part where he should offer his name as well, but refuses to do so. Instead he nods his head and tries to push past Sungmin but finds that he can’t and looks at the other man in frustration.

His frustration turns into irritation as this Sungmin grins at him. “I suppose your parents taught you not to give out your name to strangers?” And Kyuhyun has to bite on his tongue to keep himself from saying that he no longer has parents thanks to a certain organization that killed them. Instead he gives the other man a look that clearly says piss off. Except, he doesn’t.

“Whether you give me your name or not it doesn’t really matter, Kyuhyun,” he says and Kyuhyun feels his heart skip a beat. Sungmin’s grin turns cat-like. “The bartender at your restaurant gave me your name for a few dollars. Not really trust worthy is he?”

“So you have my name, so what?” Kyuhyun finally says, purely out of frustration and he realizes that Sungmin’s won (what, he doesn’t know yet) and he resists the urge to scream like a five year old.

“Nothing.” Sungmin walks a few steps forward and whispers, “Just nothing.” He then turns and walks straight into the alley leaving Kyuhyun standing there looking like an idiot.


Never in his life has someone gotten under his skin like Sungmin has and because of this, Kyuhyun has never felt so much irritation and frustration directed at one person. It’s been two weeks since he’s seen Sungmin and yet, he can’t seem to forget about him. This aggravates him even more up to the point where Kyuhyun thinks he’s about to go insane just from thinking about such an evil bastard.

Kyuhyun smashes the buttons on the punch clock angrily and punches back in instead of punching out to go home. He frowns and smashes more buttons until he’s finally clocked out of work and heads out for home. Once his feet touches the ground that is not inside the restaurant he suddenly regrets this decision and wishes his manager made him stay for a few more minutes at the very least. Only because a certain not-so-much-of-a-stranger-now named Sungmin is leaning against the brick wall, just as he had been doing so that night two weeks ago.

Sungmin looks at him and smiles but Kyuhyun doesn’t smile back. He feels his skin starting to crawl at the very sight of him and tries to push past him (again) and nearly throws a fit when he can’t. Sungmin laughs at him.

“How are you, Kyuhyun?” Sungmin asks curiously and Kyuhyun refuses to answers. Keeps his lips pressed into the shape of a line and Sungmin is more amused than annoyed.

“Not answering?” He says and nods his head and allows Kyuhyun to pass him. Kyuhyun walks hurriedly towards his bus stop and has the sinking suspicion that he’s being followed. He wants to turn around to yell at this bastard by the name of Sungmin to please, leave him the hell alone, but decides not to. Instead he keeps walking and by the sound of the light foot falls behind him, he can tell that Sungmin is not far behind.

He waits at the bus stop not once turning to look at the other man next to him. He’s thankful that Sungmin is quiet because he wouldn’t know to what to say to him should he decide to start up a conversation. This is good, Kyuhyun thinks and hopes that Sungmin’s waiting for the bus to come and to take him to his own place. Except, he can’t picture men like Sungmin taking the bus. It was too ... odd.

Before he knows it Sungmin is boarding the bus with him and they’re riding the bus together. Kyuhyun is still hoping that Sungmin has his own stop to get off at and not his own. He signals his stop to the bus driver, watching as the stop requested light pops up at the front and he gets up from his seat. Kyuhyun bites his lip as Sungmin gets up as well but doesn’t say anything, not yet. The bus comes to a complete halt next to the BUS STOP sign and Kyuhyun bolts out of the bus as soon as the doors open.

He looks around him as the bus drives off, relief washing through him as he realizes that Sungmin did not get off at his stop. He looks at the bus driving off only to see Sungmin staring out the window.


It’s been two days, four hours, twenty minutes and thirteen seconds since Kyuhyun has seen Sungmin. Not like he’s been counting anyway. After the previous night Kyuhyun finds himself expecting Sungmin to pop out of nowhere whenever he leaves his job at night. For some strange reason, he finds himself very uneasy at the thought that he’s actually looking forward to seeing Sungmin. Shaking his head Kyuhyun deems that he is definitely going insane.

He hangs up his apron for the day and puts his little notebook and pen in his cubby that has his name on it. Kyuhyun waves a quick goodbye to the chef and his fellow waiters and hurries out of the restaurant to catch his bus. And, of course, he manages to trip over his own two feet in the process.

Huffing, Kyuhyun scrambles to get up and walk away hoping beyond hope that no one saw his clumsy fall. Except someone did.

“Careful ballerina, don’t want to twist your precious ankles do you?”

Kyuhyun glares at Sungmin. Great, he thinks, the one time he gets the chance to see Sungmin he just has to fall flat on his face. He’s still glaring as Sungmin offers him a hand to get up but accepts it anyway. Kyuhyun ignores the strange feeling that runs through him as he holds onto Sungmin’s hand, which he quickly lets go as soon as he can and bows awkwardly in thanks.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” Sungmin says smiling at the younger man. “Did you miss me?”

“Two days doesn’t constitute as a while,” Kyuhyun says and walks past him towards his lonesome apartment.

“I think it does.” Sungmin follows, ignoring the way Kyuhyun looks at him like he’s gone insane.

It falls silent between the two and Kyuhyun can’t help shooting Sungmin looks every once in a while. He fidgets with the end of his shirt, thinking for something to say but nothing comes in his mind. Absolutely nothing. Perfect.

“Are you following me?” He says and once that question is out of his mouth he immediately feels like slapping himself in the face. That just had to be the most failed question of life.

“Yeah, do you mind?”

“Yes!” Kyuhyun says instantly and blushes as Sungmin smiles at him.

Sungmin stops walking and looks at Kyuhyun intently. “I think I’ll walk you this far today, Kyuhyun-sshi. Have a good evening.”

Kyuhyun helplessly watches as Sungmin disappears around the corner. Once he’s lost sight of Sungmin he hits himself in the head with both of his hands. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


It has to at least been a week since Kyuhyun’s seen Sungmin and he’s been getting a little antsy. Whenever he was in the kitchen he’d peek in the door windows to see if there was any sign of the not-so-stranger in the restaurant. After the sixth – possibly eighth, he’s lost count – one of the cooks finally asks the question the whole restaurant has been meaning to ask.

“Who the hell are you looking for you, Kyuhyun-sshi?” she asks, throwing the towel draped over her shoulder onto the metal counter.

Kyuhyun jumps and blushes as he turns to face her. He shakes his head and pushes through the metal doors into the noisy restaurant. About to serve the next customers he stops, recognizing a familiar face amongst the crowd. Walking over he places a hand on the man’s shoulder and grins.

“Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun says barely controlling his glee, “it’s been a while!”

Ryeowook shrugs Kyuhyun’s hand off his shoulder, glaring at the other boy. “Only because you can’t find it in your damn schedule to make time for me. Some best friend you are.”

Kyuhyun laughs lightly. “I’m sorry but work has me wrapped around its fingers, you know that. I have to pay for Police College by myself and the bills and stuff won’t get paid through wishful thinking on its own.”

Nodding, Ryeowook smiles to show Kyuhyun that he’s forgiven; at least just this one time. He nods his head to his companion. A small girl who blushes under Kyuhyun’s questioning gaze. “This is my date, Im YoonA. She’s Im Taejo’s sister — the girl who was seeing the guy who broke into the bank last week.” Ryeowook lowers his voice at the latter half of the sentence and he continues under his breath because only Kyuhyun can hear him: “Im Taejo wants his sister out of trouble.”

Kyuhyun nods and offers a polite smile at the timid looking girl. “It’s nice to meet you, my name is Kyuhyun and I’m a waiter at the restaurant.” He waves off the waiter who’s in charge of the section Ryeowook is in, he signals he’ll take this and offers the rich looking couple in his section for the other waiter. The waiter grins toothily, not one for explanations and heads off in the direction of the couple.

“I guess I’ll be taking your order for the night,” Kyuhyun says, pulls out his notepad from his small apron with his pen in hand. “What would you like?”


Ryeowook promises to come back in time for the restaurant to close to drive Kyuhyun back to his apartment. Kyuhyun declines the offer, leering suggestively at Ryeowook as he glances quickly at the girl inside Ryeowook’s car. Ryeowook grimaces and Kyuhyun smirks.

“Didn’t have the heart to tell Im Taejo sunbaenim that you swing the other way?”

Ryeowook glares at him and flips him off, which makes Kyuhyun laugh out loud. The parking lot lights flicker and a shadowed man walks past the two friends and only one of them catches him as he moves stealthily. Kyuhyun stops laughing and sighs.

“I’ll be back to pick you up at twelve o’clock, okay? Right after I drop her off at home, I promise to come straight here.”

“Fine, fine.” Kyuhyun agrees readily, not bothering to argue again with the other man. “Be here exactly at twelve, got that? If you’re not here by the time I’ve punched out I’m leaving.”

“Don’t threaten me, Kyuhyun.”


Kyuhyun smiles as he gets into Ryeowook’s car. He takes in his best friend’s appearance and smirks. “So, what did you do?”

Ryeowook blushes and even through the dark Kyuhyun can see the tinge of red and howls. “Okay, let me rephrase that—” he takes deep breathes trying to regain his breathing pattern — “what did she do to you?”

Ryeowook hesitates on his answer, stumbles over his tongue and forgets that it’s a red light and slams down on the brakes hard. The two lunge forward and the sound of leather and skin and clothes smacking against each other rings in their ears. “She blew me.”

Kyuhyun grins and starts giggling uncontrollably with both his hands covering his mouth. “H-how was it? Any good?”

Ryeowook contorts his face into what looks like a grimace but Kyuhyun knows better. “Well fuck.”

The other boy makes a humming noise under his breath and says, “Not bad ... for a girl.”

“Boys are better?” He asks, barely fighting off the huge smile on his face.



Once out of the safety of the car he waves his goodbyes at his friend and runs up the stairs to his apartment. Kyuhyun waits as he unlocks the door and with his hand on the doorknob he twists it to open the door and looks behind him.

“You can come out now, Sungmin.”

From the curtains of the shadows Sungmin appears, with a smirk gracing his baby features. He puts on his best innocent face and says, “How did you know?”

“At the parking lot,” Kyuhyun answers promptly. “You have a lot of nerve following me home, you know?”

“Possibly,” the other man says and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the both of them that their voices are bouncing off the hall walls in echoes. “Are you going to let me in?”

Kyuhyun raises an eyebrow and turns his back on the man and pushes the door open. “I don’t think I have a choice.”

Sungmin chuckles. “You learn quick.”


Once settled into Kyuhyun’s couch – he’s declined the offers for food and a drink – and waits for Kyuhyun to be done in the washroom. He flips through the TV channels, amazed that he’s able to afford an apartment, cable and college with petty wages at the restaurant.

“My parents left money for me before they died,” Kyuhyun says, as if reading Sungmin’s mind. “They had started early in planning for my college – they thought I would have become a doctor or something great like that.”

“Why don’t you?” Sungmin asks and presses the power button on the remote and watches as the picture on the TV disappears and turns his attention to the younger man.

Kyuhyun shrugs his shoulders. “There are better ways to spend my parents’ money.” Like finding their killers, he adds silently.

“Perhaps.” Sungmin gets up from his place on the couch and follows Kyuhyun to his room. Kyuhyun frowns at the intrusion.

“Were you wondering where I was? It’s been a while since I visited you.”


Sungmin feigns shock. “Really? Your coworkers say differently. Say that you’ve been distracted lately – always seem to be looking for someone.”

Kyuhyun grind his teeth together and makes sure to keep his back turned on the other man in his room. Though the room is dark, Kyuhyun knows that Sungmin would be able to pinpoint the blush on his cheeks. He feels his body tense when fingers lightly trace patterns on his skin, followed quickly by finger nails running tracks down his arm, leaving goose bumps in their wake.

“Did you miss me, Kyuhyun?” Sungmin whispers as he steps closer to the other man and feels a sense of accomplishment as the other doesn’t push him away.

Sungmin fingers the end of the other man’s shirt, slowly slipping his hand underneath, waiting for a reaction. Kyuhyun finds it hard to breathe as he feels Sungmin’s fingers on his stomach; he gasps when he feels something moist where his shirt fails to cover his skin. The smaller man slips another hand underneath his shirt, feeling soft skin and Kyuhyun wills himself to push Sungmin away – but he can’t.

Sungmin steps around him so that he’s facing Kyuhyun – eyes wide and Sungmin’s lips turn upward slowly. He leans up to press a soft kiss against the curve of Kyuhyun’s lips and stands back on the balls of his heels.

“Well?” He brings his hand up to Kyuhyun’s neck to push his head downwards and crushes their lips together. It isn’t long before Kyuhyun’s kissing Sungmin back, hands on the older man’s waist, with thoughts in the back of his mind of bringing him closer – closer.

Sungmin shoves his hands underneath Kyuhyun’s shirt, lifting it up impatiently momentarily breaking the kiss. He walks Kyuhyun backwards towards the bed and eases him onto it. He kisses Kyuhyun slowly, pressing his body closer to his slowly working up a rhythm. Kyuhyun groans as he moves his hips to the same time as Sungmin’s, making the other boy moan.

“Less clothes. Now.”

Sungmin’s fingers make quick work of Kyuhyun’s belt and unzips his fly, and shimmies the younger boy out of his pants. Kyuhyun sits up a little as he tries to unbutton the buttons on Sungmin’s shirt (too many fucking buttons) but in the end gets too impatient and rips off the older man’s shirt. His hands stop dead cold on Sungmin’s fly when he feels cool, rough hands slide in between cotton and skin. He falls back onto the bed as Sungmin leans into him, pumping his fist up and down.

Lips grazing over his earlobe, Sungmin whispers, “Did you miss me, Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun swears under his breath as Sungmin slows down his pace. Sungmin quirks an eyebrow smirking, waiting for an answer. Kyuhyun looks at him through half lidded eyes, begging him to just please but Sungmin’s not that kind of person. He shakes his head and then stops and Kyuhyun growls when the pleasure disappears.

“Do you want me to continue?” Sungmin nips at the younger man’s collarbone, sucking slow and hard. Kyuhyun’s breath hitches but he doesn’t answer and cries softly when Sungmin’s teeth dig a little deeper into his skin. Sungmin pulls harder – rougher on flesh, licks the younger man’s bottom lip before gently sucking; he demands an answer. He runs nails lightly over Kyuhyun’s hard member.

Kyuhyun thrusts his hips upward growling he brings his hand up to Sungmin’s neck to bring the older man’s face closer to his. “Fuck me,” he says, “now ... please.”

“Yes or no?” Sungmin says, pressing their foreheads together, his hand moving leisurely up and down.

Kyuhyun moans yes in between pants and with that one word Sungmin loses control. He takes Kyuhyun’s lips between his teeth, kissing him hard – demanding because he wants more. Kyuhyun groans when Sungmin’s hands leave his body – he looks up at the older man, obviously displeased.

Sungmin chuckles, and makes quick work of his own pants and slides his boxers down so that they pool at his feet. Stepping out of them he slips his hand between the waist band of Kyuhyun’s boxers and pulls them off. Kyuhyun points to his bedside table and Sungmin opens the first drawer. He pulls out the lube and readies himself.



Kyuhyun wakes up the next morning with an armful of Sungmin. The older man has wrapped himself around Kyuhyun both inside and out. Kyuhyun sighs and tries to disentangle himself from him but finds he can’t as Sungmin’s grip on him gets surprisingly stronger.

“Don’t,” Sungmin whispers softly, “don’t let me go.”

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Jessinorinori_junno on August 31st, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)
I am here to fangirl your verse, because adjalsd, so much love. I ADORE your Ryeowook and I kinda can't wait for him and Sungmin to meet for whatever reason and I want the table!sex now!

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