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08 January 2008 @ 08:45 pm
★ Character Profiles  
악마와 길을 걷다 (romanized as: akmawa gile gutda) literally translates into Walking With The Devil, which is the name of the gang that we are focusing on. Below the cut is the cast list for this gang!verse that Jessi (tentacle) and I (envoler) will lead you all through. ;D Please note there are some kind of spoilers (obviously) underneath so read at your own descretion!

In no particular order:

Siwon: Gang leader
After his father died he left Siwon the "organization" (i.e drug traficking) and the gang, 악마와 길을 걷다. The elder members part of this gang were not to pleased about this and plotted his assasination, except that ended in a failure when Siwon's childhood friend Hankyung rescued him. Siwon, now a famous gang leader, is being hunted by the police who want to put the major figure heads behind bars.

Hankyung: Bodyguard
Hankyung is a Chinese orphan brought up in Korea. His foster father were one of the elder members in 악마와 길을 걷다 who wanted to kill Siwon for inheriting the organization. Ever since he rescued Siwon he has been his loyal and faithful body guard.

Kangin: Police Chief

Eeteuk: Federal Prosecutor

Kyuhyun: Cop
Kyuhyun has dreamed of being a cop all his life and when he and his partner (not to mention best friend) are handed the case that should set his career in motion is when things go from bad to really bad. When he finds out his boyfriend is part of the gang that he's been trying to take down for months Kyuhyun doesn't know what to do except keep quiet.

Ryeowook: Cop
Ryeowook met Kyuhyun in police academy and have been best friends ever since. However, after Kangin asks them to work on the drug traficking case - and essentially be part of his team - Ryeowook notices that Kyuhyun starts acting different. He keeps his mouth shut and only pokes and prods when need be.

Sungmin: Gang member
Sungmin has been part of the gang ever since he was sixteen. He was recruited early by Siwon who saw him street fighting with four guys once. Sungmin knows the streets of Seoul better than anyone else in the gang, therefore Siwon trusts him quite a lot. However, Sungmin keeps his mouth shut about the fact that his boyfriend is a cop to the other members and lies to Kyuhyun about his job.

Donghae: Gang member
One of the newest recruits to the gang, he is stuck with Sungmin for training purposes before he's allowed on his own. Donghae wishes he could have been training with someone other than Sungmin because the older member gets snappish when Donghae prods into his business.

Heechul: Prostitute
Heechul is the resident prostitute at Club 666.

Yesung: Club singer
Yesung is the singer at Club 666. If you ever need to know what's going on in the streets, Yesung is the one who you should be seeing. The information doesn't come without a price and everyone is careful with him. Nobody really knows what side Yesung is on.

Eunhyuk: Civilian

Shindong: Club Bouncer

Kibum: Forensic Scientist

Zhoumi: Undercover Cop

Henry: Gang Member
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