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20 January 2008 @ 04:42 pm
Part One: A New Beginning to An Old Story  
Title: 악마와 길을 걷다 (Walking with the Devil) - A New Beginning to An Old Story
Author: tentacle
Rating: PG-13 for now, mentions of prostitutes
Word Count: 1,046

An hour ago, Lee Donghae was homeless, fighting with some other guys over a crate of half-rotten oranges they’d found beside a dumpster. He hadn’t thought twice about knocking a few of them out cold; he was really hungry and a couple of those oranges were perfectly ripe. He was prepared to put up a fight when someone touched his shoulder as he was peeling his prize, but one look at his face reflected in the mirror of glossy black leather shoes made him think otherwise.

“You seem like quite the martial artist, my friend.”

A deep, smooth voice came from behind Donghae. He turned to find two men in suits, one obviously foreign, with his hand on Donghae’s shoulder, and the one who had spoken a few steps farther back. Getting ready to bolt, he didn’t even have time to grab his orange before the hand on his shoulder tightened and he heard the foreign looking man murmur.

“Just listen. You may like what you hear.”


Sometimes, Donghae would get the feeling that his life was very similar to those gangster movies he watched as a child. He was standing next to a tough looking guy with a baby face—a weirdly disarming combination—in a room with a dark mahogany desk, complete with a high-backed leather chair that faced away from them and the stone-faced Chinese man off to the side. Slowly, the chair turned, and Donghae met the man who brought him here face to face for the second time today. He tried not to fidget in his crisp new clothes, his pink scrubbed skin feeling the soft cotton shift every time he moved. He started up from looking at his newly filed fingernails when the man in the chair started to speak.

“Sungmin, this is Lee Donghae. He is proficient in hand-to-hand street fighting, but he has never shot a gun or used a knife. He will need to know how. Please make him feel at home and make sure he learns what he needs to.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Donghae, this is Lee Sungmin. He is one of my most trusted associates, you are in good hands.”

Donghae nodded and bowed slightly, beaming.

“You may go.”

Donghae bowed again, and followed Lee Sungmin out the door, already chattering away.

“Hey-a, my name’s Donghae, even though I guess Mr. Choi Siwon told you that but I always like to introduce myself anyway.”

He continued to follow Sungmin, ignoring his lack of response.

“And you’re Sungmin, yah? Is it okay if I call you that? I have a feeling we’re going to be spending a lot of time together. I’ve never touched a gun before, you see, and Mr. Choi Siwon says I have to be able to put one bullet through a hole from another bullet before I’m done my training, and I just have a feeling that’s going to take a while, you know?”

Sungmin couldn’t help but roll his eyes: it had been a while since they’d had such a talkative recruit. He must be something special, though; otherwise, Siwon wouldn’t have picked him. Sighing and shrugging his shoulders mentally, Sungmin led the eager teen down the hall and into the main room of the club.

It was still mid-day, so Club 666 wasn’t open yet, but Heechul was not one to wait for night to start his job. Dressed in the tightest pants Donghae had ever seen, Heechul was delighted to make his acquaintance.

“Hey, love. You new around here?”

Donghae had a hard time distinguishing whether this person was male or female, despite the pants.

“U-uh, yeah. I’m Donghae, nice to meet you.”

Even though he couldn’t figure out the gender, he felt himself blushing. It was pretty…

“They call me Heechul. You sure are a cutie.”

Heechul emphasized his point by rubbing up against Donghae a little. Just as the tips of his charge’s ears turned red, Sungmin broke the spell the prostitute had cast and grabbed Donghae by the arm, hauling him out the door.

“Bye, sweetie~ Hope to see you around~”

Heechul waved and blew a kiss after them.

Still half-dragging him down the sidewalk, Sungmin gave a little jerk to Donghae’s collar to get his attention. Of course, as soon as the boy had any sort of inkling he was listening, his mouth started running.

“Aww, Sungmin, why’d we have to leave? He—she—Heechul seems like a nice person! Maybe we could hang out sometime.”

Sighing out loud this time, Sungmin wondered if this kid was really as special as Siwon thought he was, or maybe he’d just been dropped on his head as a child.


After Sungmin and Donghae left, Siwon sighed quietly and brought his hands to cover his face. Stepping forward, Hankyung, his Chinese bodyguard, put his hand gently on his boss’ shoulder. He spoke first.

“It was a good call, we sure could use him.”

“Thank you for convincing him to listen, though. Sometimes I think I wouldn’t have half the associates I do if not for you.”

Laughing a little, Hankyung ruffled Siwon’s hair.

“I think you just need to relax a bit more is all.”

They smiled at each other, Siwon seeing the boy who had played with him when everyone else was too afraid to, carefree and innocent.

“Since things have quieted down, I can take care of anything that arises if you want to go take a nap. I know you didn’t sleep last night.”

Worried, and patient as always, Hankyung gave a little tug to the boss’ sleeve. Rubbing his eyes, Siwon willed himself not to yawn and nodded, getting up stiffly and making his way to the bedroom off to the side of the office.

“Just wake me if anything happens.”

“Yes, sir.” Hankyung agreed with a smile, jumping into a mock salute.

Once in the bedroom, Siwon pulled the thick curtains closed, blocking out all light. Barely bothering to take off his shoes, he shrugged off his suit jacket at the last moment before lying down on the bed. Staring at the ceiling, he thought to himself, it’s hard to relax at all with the police breathing down our necks... but he ignored the rest of these thoughts and fell into a dreamless sleep.
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wings_strength9: shihan sleepwings_strength9 on January 22nd, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)
suju streetcrime! fic XD

it sounds exciting.

and aww i loved the sihan part,

They smiled at each other, Siwon seeing the boy who had played with him when everyone else was too afraid to, carefree and innocent.

kids were afraid to play with siwon save for hankyung -giggle-